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What is Cloudy Words?

Cloudy Words is a powerful free tool for seo and ppc, which helps you

  • identify topics
  • find better keywords
  • get keyword / topic niches
  • speed up processes
  • get quick overviews
  • better targeting your resources

The Keyword Clustering Tools helps you by handling large data, grouping keywords and segmenting keyword lists in a fast way.

Cloudy Words is a tool which combines different functions like

  • keyword density tool
  • keyword clustering tool / keyword grouper
  • keyword filtering tool
  • tf idf / wdf idf tool
  • language stemming

Cloudy Words has a lot of features like

  • filter options
  • stopword lists
  • word stemming
  • calculating volume of keyword clusters by input search volume, page impressions, orders, etc

Learn More about Cloudy Words

Cloudy Words isn’t a keywords tool. We don’t save any keywords or searchterms in the database. To use cloudy words it requires a keyword list, content or a url, we could parse.

Where can you get Keywords to Cluster?

  • Google AdWords Keyword or Search Query Reports for clustering campaigns, identify negatives, ...
  • Google Search Console Search Report weighing clicks or impressions
  • Keyword Report from Web Analytics like Google Analytics, Adobe Sitecatalyst, etc weighing Clicks, Siteviews, Leads / Sales
  • Keyword Tools like Google Keyword Tool, Keyword Generator, … weighting Search Volume Keyword Suggestion Tools like SERP Perception, etc
  • SemRush, Searchmetrics, Sistrix, etc weighing Search Volume or analyzing Competitor Topic Niches
  • Any other resource which needs to be grouped or clustered to get fast insights like forum threads, twitter streams, ...

Just export a reports from one of these systems, open it, mark the data and copy & paste them to your input field.

Why stemming Keywords before Clustering

I've experimented a lot of with different clustering algorithms like ngrams, Jira Winkler, Levenshtein and others, but found stemming words works best for clusting keywords.

Please Support me

Do you have any ideas or feature wishes I could implement, than don’t hesitate and please contact me, and tell me about it. I always try to improve my tools and make them work better to support seo optimization processes and project management.